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Тур на Веспе

Рим - Рим
Travelling around Rome on a Vespa scooter allows you to see details that would otherwise be lost.
Enjoy the city in all its essence; discover unique places that bulky cars cannot reach.
For each tour, on request, we can offer a guide to complete the tour with historical and significant Information for each site. We also offer the accompaniment of a professional photographer, so that your tour doesn't only remain in your memory, but also as a real keepsake for printing or sharing on social networks. For each customer we use a Vintage Vespa, driven by a professional drive.

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  • 1 дней
  • € 210 смотреть
    • Tour with driver and guide: 210,00 per person
      Tour with driver and photographer: 210,00 per person
      Tour with driver guide and photographer: 280,00 per person
      Fiat 500 Tour with driver: € 253,00 per Fiat 500
      Minimum 4 pax.
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    • Guide and photographer.
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      Rome is also Egypt as it is the city of obelisks. These singular monuments were transported to the eternal city by emperors during the first centuries after Christ. 13 roman obelisks and a Pyramid are living proof of the relationship between these two civilizations.

      “Marcello... Come here!!” this is the sensual signal of Anita Ekberg in the central scene of"La dolce Vita". The Tour will permit you to relive the film's location considered on of the most important films in the history of Italian cinema.

      Rome, the Eternal City... Epicenter of arts and culture... It's impossible to know her in all her essence. This tour allows you to discover some of the most uniquely beautiful places in the world on a Vintage Vespa.

      Rome, was the cradle of civilization, for centuries the most powerful civilization in the world. Today you can see the magnificent of that period. Through the famous ancient streets of ancient Rome you can see places where the romans lived out their every day lives.

      “How much are you beautiful Rome when it’s night” so sing a famous roman singer.
      A great occasion to discover Rome by night... with his lights, smells that it get unique and striking. An incredible tour through the city that assume during the night incredible colours.

      The Roman Holiday Tour uses Vespas as in the movie "Roman holiday " so that you can feel like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

      FIAT 500 TOUR
      The Fiat “five hundred”, a concentration of adrenaline, carefree and fun ...The emotions that a tour on Fiat 500 in the most suggestive place of Rome can not be described, you just have to try..

      The Appian way was the first highway in history, a long story that unfolds through the centuries with its 2300 years of history, it shows signs of an illustrious and fascinating past, still clearly visible among the ruins that lie on the side of the road.

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Тур на Веспе

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